"The Hunger Games" by Suzanne Collins
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Chapters 16-20

Chapter 16:

Katniss and Rue are now in a trusted alliance together. Katniss ponders on how to take out the Careers. She knows that taking away their food supplies will weaken them greatly. Katniss decides to strategize more in the morning and falls asleep next to Rue.

The sound of the dreaded cannon startles Katniss awake the next morning.  Rue and Katniss both wonder  who it was, but figure that they will find out tonight. They devise a plan, which involves Rue setting random camp fires to distract the Careers, she sings a song that to Katniss, and they will communicate through the mockingjays, so Katniss will be able to know if Rue is okay. Katniss goes in an opposite direction to spy on the camp from a different direction.

She makes to the camp and is cover by thick bushes. There are four tributes; she notices the unmemorable boy from District 3. Katniss sees the empty Cornicupia, and then spots the Career’s supplies piled neatly in a pyramid. Katniss notices that the set up of their camp is very odd.  Caton points to one of the camp fires that Rue set up, and they arm themselves to leave. Katniss over hears them talking about Peeta, and how Cato wounded him.

After they leave, Katniss is still trying to figure out how to get to the supplies. But then she sees Foxface come out of the woods, sees that it is safe, runs for the pyramid and before she reaches the circle of supplies, then puts her foot in a specific spot. She then hops towards the pyramid. As Katniss watches Foxface, she realizes that she was right about the booby trap, but more complex than she thought. Their are mines all around the supplies that could destroy the invader with just one wrong move.

Katniss comes up with another plan, and shoots an arrow into a bag of apples. The chapter ends with Katniss being blown back from the booby trap explosions.

9 tributes left.

Chapter 17:

Chapter 17 begins as the ground continues to shake from the explosion. Katniss realizes her plan to destroy the careers’ supplies has worked. As she tries to escape the scene she realizes the explosion caused more damage to her than she thought. Her left ear is defened and she is dizzy, but she knows the consequences if she doesn’t escape. Somehow she works up enough strength to crawl into a nearby bush where she is completely hidden from view.

 Cato’s reaction is beyond anything reasonable. He grabs at his hair, beats the ground with his fists, and then kills the boy from District 3 with his bare hands because it was his job to protect their supplies. Katniss is nervous because now she knows the fiercest career is out to get her and she is currently confined to hiding in a bush.

Katniss watches the boy from District 3 be taken by a hovercraft and the careers leave to go hunt. She decides not to leave her hiding place because she is currently as safe as she can be while injured. In the bush Katniss has plenty time to think. She realizes how long it has been since anyone from District 12 has made it to the top 8.

The next morning she wakes up to find Foxface looking through the rubbage of the Career’s supplies. For a moment she considers adding Foxface as her ally, but reconsiders because there is something to sneaky about her. After leaving the bush she visits her and Rue’s meeting place, but Rue is not there. As Katniss waits, she decides to climb a tree because its too dangerous on the ground. After a long wait she visits the site where the 3rd fire should have been lit, but she realizes it has not and knows something went wrong. This is when Katniss hears Rue’s mockingjay song and is relieved until she hears Rue screaming her name. When Katniss arrives at the scene, Rue is caught in a net and then suddenly shot with a spear. End of Chapter 17.

7 tributes left.

Chapter 18:

Chapter 18 begins as Katniss immediately shoots the boy from District 1 who speared Rue. Katniss then frees Rue from the net and consoles her. Rue’s last words tell Katniss to make sure she wins, and then asks Katniss to sing her a song.

Katniss leaves quietly, and comes up with an idea to show the Capital that they don’t own her. She picks some wildflowers from the woods, and decorates Rue’s body; placing them around her face and in her hair. Katniss presses her three fingers to her lips then holds them out to Rue.

Katniss is about to make camp in a tree when a silver parachute full of bread from District 11 descends from the sky, and Katniss openly thanks them. Katniss wakes up the next morning, and realizes that her food is running low and she needs to hunt. Katniss finds some goose and purposely lights a fire to cook it because she wants to lure Cato in. As Katniss is cooking the goose, she starts to think that she might actually have a chance at winning now.

Katniss decides to go replenish her water, and as she is doing so she realizes that the boy from District 1 was her first kill. Today was an ueventful day for the Games, so Katniss knows that something big will probably happen soon.

That night Claudis Templesmith’s voice booms down, congratulating the remaining tributes, and he also says that there has been a change to the rules. This huge because there really aren’t any rules, except for not stepping off your plate until 60 seconds or cannibalism.

The New Rule: “Both Tributes from the same district will be declared winners if they are the last two alive” (Collins 244). The chapte ends with Katniss calling out Peeta’s name.

6 tributes left.

"I'm going to. Going to win for the both of us now." - Katniss

Chapter 19:

 Katniss now realizes that her new ally is a wounded Peeta, and she does not know where he is. This is good for Katniss and Peeta’s star-crossed lovers ploy because they will probably gain more sponsors. Katniss thinks that this is also the reason that the rules have changed in the game; Peeta was playing the angle. Katniss has this huge epiphany, which is that everything that Peeta has done in the games is to protect her. (By the way: the only people who benefit from this rule change is District 2 and District 12).Katniss decides to look for Peeta in the morning, but to get some sleep for tonight.

The next day, Katniss is dedicated to finding Peeta. She knows that he is wounded, and he can’t survive without water so she assumes that he is hiding some where near water. Katniss finds the water spot where she thinks that Peeta is and just as she breaks the surface she hears a voice:

“‘You here to finish me off, sweetheart?’ ….My [Katniss] peruse the bank, but there’s nothing. Just mud, the plants, the base of rocks” (Collins 252).

Katniss calls out for Peeta because she can recognize his voice, but she can’t see him. She walks along the bank then hears his voice again: “Well, don’t step on me” (Collins 252). Katniss looks down and spots Peeta’s blue eyes open in the brown mud and green leaves. As Katniss helps Peeta out of his awesome hiding place, he jokes around with her, which makes Katniss glad that he still has his sense of humor.

Katniss props Peeta on a rock next to the stream so that she can tend to his wounds.  Katniss digs through her supplies and gives him something to reduce his temperature. Katniss realizes how sick Peeta is when he denies food, and even scrunches his nose to it. Katniss then takes a look at Peeta’s thigh where Cato had cut him, and realizes how bad it really is. She cleans the wound then patches it up, and as she does this Peeta makes light humorous conversation with her (very cute!!!). Katniss decides that they need to move because they are in a very open spot. Peeta can barely move, but they are able to make it to a cave.

Peeta starts talking about not making it, and possibly dying, but Katniss doesn’t want to hear so she impusivley kisses him. This is Katniss’ first kiss!!!! Katniss steps out of the cave just as a parachute lands on the ground, and Katniss ipens it; hoping to find medicine, but instead hot broth. Katniss realizes that just one kiss gives her a pot of soup, so she needs to step it up. The Chapter ends with Katniss steping up the Romance between her and Peeta by kissing him awake.

6 tributes left

Chapter 20:

The chapter opens with Katniss feeding Peeta the broth. That night when Katniss slips into the same sleeping bag as Peeta (it’s really cold), she notices how hot he really is, and wonders what to do about his fever. The next morning Katniss went looking for some food. Katniss comes back to a worried Peeta, who was afraid that the District 2 tributes had found her. They play up the Romance a bit, then Peeta forces Katniss to get some sleep.

Katniss wakes up in the afternoon, and checks Peeta’s leg wound. She is horrified to see that it is much worse, and that he has blood poisoning, which will kill him if unchecked. Katniss cooks them a meal down by the stream, and comes back to see how miserable Peeta is. To ease Peeta and take his mind off things, Katniss tells him the story of how Prim got her goat. After she finishes the story, the trumpets blare and Templesmith’s voice blares out over the arena, and as Katniss expected he is inviting everyone to a feast. Katniss is about to dismiss his offer, but he says that a backpack will be waiting for each district that contains something that they each desperately need.

Peeta automatically tells Katniss that she can’t go, and risk her life for him. Katniss trys to lie to Peeta telling him that she wasn’t planning on going, but he sees right throught it. She then tells him that she is going whether he likes it or not. Peeta is determined to go with her even though he can barely walk.

Katniss decides to go wash up down the stream, and as she is lost in thought a parachute fall down with a little vial. She is hoping that it is medicine, but quickly realizes that it is sleep syrup. Haymitch sent this to her so that she can knock Peeta out enough for her to go to the feast. She mixes sleep syrup in with some berries, and then feeds it to him. Peeta realizes what is in the berries, but it is to late because he ate them and is already starting to loose consciousness. End of chapter.



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