"The Hunger Games" by Suzanne Collins
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Chapter 26-27

Chapter 26:

Chapter 26 begins as the hovercraft arrives to take Katniss and Peeta from the arena. Inside the vehicle Peeta falls unconscious but fortunately there are doctors present and ready to operate. Katniss panics when they take her from Peeta and begins banging at the glass door that separates her from Peeta. Obviously she is still in shock from the being in the arena. As Katniss watches Peeta on the surgeon’s table she remembers how whenever Prim and her mom had a patient she would run off to the woods. She could never understand why the family members of the patient would want to stay, but now she realizes you have no choice.

Katniss is put to sleep and she wakes to find herself strapped to a table with tubes running from her right arm. The redheaded avox girl enters to bring Katniss a tray of food. Katniss proceeds to ask the girl if Peeta made it and she nods yes. Katniss is comforted by knowing this and then begins to eat. When Katniss tries to leave the bed she is quickly put to sleep by a liquid that enters the tubes in her arm. The cycle of eating and being put to sleep continues until wakes to find herself free of restraints and tubes. She also finds that all of her scars and wounds have vanished and her skin is flawless. She dresses in an outfit that is the same as what she wore into the arena and prepares to meet her team.

The first person she runs to is Haymitch. He, Effie, and Cinna are all extremely proud of her. Katniss asks where Peeta is and they tell her that the capital wants their first sight of each other to be live on stage. Cinna then takes Katniss to be dressed for the evening’s events. The dress Cinna created is made of a sheer light yellow fabric that ripples by just the slightest movement. The dress gives the illusion of candlelight which still makes Katniss the girl on fire but now she is soft and sweet. When Katniss asks about the dress Cinna says he thought Peeta would like it better. The outfit with flat sandles, loose hair, soft makeup, and a simple dress gives the impression of innocence. Katniss realizes his true motive is not Peeta and knows by the sound of his voice that it is a warning.

Katniss’ suspicion is correct. Before she takes the stage that night, Haymitch hugs Katniss and gives her a message. He says, “Listen up, You’re in trouble. Word is the Capital’s furious about you showing them up in the arena… Your only defense can be you were so madly in love you weren’t responsible for your actions” (Collins 357). The chapter ends as Katniss ponders Haymitches words. He told her he didn’t have to tell Peeta because he was already there (in love). Katniss realizes that her feelings are too complicated and that she hasn’t yet figured out if she really likes him or if she only pretended to as part of the games. End of Chapter 26.

Chapter 27:

Chapter 27 begins as Caesar Flickerman greets the audience before Katniss and Peeta arrive on the stage. Next, Katniss and Peeta see each other for the first time since the arena. Katniss unexpectedly runs into Peeta’s arms. They hug and kiss, which drives the crowd crazy, until they are taken to their seats. Katniss’s thoughts are concerned with whether or not Peeta knows about the danger they’re facing.

Their seat is a small velvet red love seat. Katniss can tell from Haymitch’s expression that she needs to look more “in love.” Therefore, she tucks her feet up behind her on the coach and leans on Peeta’s shoulder. Peeta immedialtely put his arm around her without hesitation, and this is how they watch the 3 hour film clip of the competition. The movie portrays the pre-game events, the arena, and their victory. The movie allows Katniss to see how Peeta used his time with the careers to protect Katniss. He misled them, stayed up the entire night under the tracker jacket tree, and fought off Cato so she could escape. It also shows Katniss’s hysteric reaction on the hovercraft when Peeta undergoes an operation.

After the movie they President Snow of Panem present the crown (1 crown that splits into 2 halves). Next, they arrive at the president’s mansion for the victory banquet and meet all of their sponsors. The next morning they are prepared for their last interviews. Katniss wears a white dress with pink shoes. In the interview they are seated the same way on the love couch as the previous nite. Caesar Flickerman’s interview informs Katniss of Peeta’s artificial leg. Katniss is upset because she feels it is her fault, but Peeta reassures her by saying he would have tied with her using the tourniquet.

Caesar asks Katniss two major questions:

– “When did you realize you were in love with him?” Katniss says when she heard the announce of two tributes being able to win. This is because for the first time she realized they could both live together forever.

– “The moment when you pulled out those berries. What was going on in your mind?” Katniss thinks carefully because her response determines whether or not the capital will punish her for challenging them or just consider her crazy in love. She says, “I don’t know, I just… couldn’t bear the thought of… being without him.” (A perfect response).

On the train ride home Katniss begins to thinks about home. Since she never seriously thought about the chance of returning home, she worries that she has forgotten who she realy is as a person. When the train makes a stop, Haymitch tells them to keep up the act and Peeta and Katniss get into a fight. Peeta is hurt because he realizes Katniss has been acting in love the whole time. Katniss has difficulties determining who she loves, Peeta or Gale. She feels as though she has lied to them both. The story ends when Peeta asks Katniss to pretend to be in love one more time for the cameras, but his voice is hollow. Katniss dreads the moment when she will have to let go of him. End of “The Hunger Games.”:D



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  1. Thank You soo much this helped me answer my questions for school!
    ❤ 🙂 ❤ 🙂

  2. Thank You soo much this helped me answer my questions for school!
    ❤ 🙂 ❤ 🙂

  3. really good thanx

  4. Thank you! I am going to bookmark this site and come back. This is so useful because otherwise searching for this can be time consuming. I will also quote some of your stuff on my site special forces. Hope this is OK.

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