"The Hunger Games" by Suzanne Collins
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Chapters 21-25

Chapter 21:

The Chapter opens with Katniss preparing to go to the feast, and she is camoflouging the cave in order to protect Peeta. She knows that Cato, Clove, and Thresh will be at the feast. As Katniss waits to go to the feast, she thinks of her family.

A few hours later she leaves for the feast, but she makes sure to kiss Peeta goodbye. Katniss reaches the Cornucopia, and is wondering where everybody is at. Katniss watches as the ground under the Cornucopia, and a round table with backpacks sitting there in all its’ glory. Just as the table clicks, Foxface dashes out, snatches her backpack, and quickly retreats. Katniss realizes that she has to go now before someone snatches up her bag. She sprints for the table, and hears the first knife coming towards her, but deflects it with her bow. Katniss draws her arrow, and shoot Clove right in the heart, but Clove turns and it hits her upper arm. Katniss is at the table, and she snatches up the backpack. As she turns around, the second knife creates a gash right above her eyebrow, and Clove slams into her.

Katniss tries to trick Clove into thinking that Peeta is alive and hunting Cato. Clove is straddling Katniss as she takes out a knife, and taunting her by bringing up Rue’s death. Just as Clove puts the knife to Katniss’ face, a great force pulls Clove away from Katniss. Katniss looks to see that Clove is dangling in Thresh’s arms. 

Thresh is enraged with Clove because he thinks that she killed Rue because Clove had mentioned her just a while ago. Clove calls out to Cato, and responds to it. Thresh hits Clove with hard with a rock, and Katniss can tell that she won’t make it. Thresh turns around with rock in hand, poised before Katniss. He asks Katniss about having an alliance with Rue, and Katniss tells him about their strategy to take out the Careers and Rue’s death. Thresh lets Katniss go, but with the warning that he won’t do it again; they are even.

As Katniss leaves, she sees Cato drop down next to Clove, and beg her to stay with him. Katniss watches Thresh grab Cato’s and his bag befor running away so she guesses that Cato went after Thresh.  Katniss makes it back to the cave, and Katniss manages to take the hypodermic needle and put it in Peeta before going unconcious from her head wound. End of Chapter.

5 tributes left.

Chapter 22:

The chapter opens with Katniss regains consciousness, and she sees Peeta. She notices that he is healed, and is instantly relieved. She feels her forehead, which was bandaged by Peeta. A storm starts, and that means that the Gamemakers are out to get someone. Katniss says that it is probably for Cato and Thresh. Katniss tells Peeta about the incident with Thresh and Clove. Peeta says that hopefully Cato and Thresh would kill each other, but Katniss doesn’t want Thresh to die even though if he lived then she would die. Katniss breaks down at this point and tell Peeta that she wants to go home, and Peeta promises her that she will. Peeta tells Katniss to go to sleep and that he will wake her up in the afternoon.

When Katniss wakes up, they eat the last little bit of food that they have left to try and calm their hungry stomachs, and look at the sky to see that there is no deaths that day. Peeta tells Katniss that Thresh was hiding in a grain field, and that no one had really wanted to track him down. Katniss starts to think that maybe Thresh is making use ouf of the grain, and that is why he was steal healthy looking at the feast, or maybe he just has really good sponsors. Peeta then wonders aloud what would they have to do to get some bread. Katniss has an idea: her and Peeta need to play up the romance in order to get more food.

Peeta and Katniss kiss again, and this is for real. Neither of them or sick or unconscious.  This is the first kiss that makes Katniss want another one (AWWWWW :D). That night the storm picks up, and the next day is worse. Katniss and Peeta are starving for food, but the weather is preventing them from hunting. Katniss knows that she has to do something worthy of recieving food from a sponsor. Katniss asks Peeta about the interview when he said that he had a cruch on Katniss for a long time. Peeta then precedes to tell her when he knew that he liked her. Katniss let’s her guard down, and has a personal and intimate conversation with Peeta. The Chapter ends with a sponsor sending a feast of fresh rolls, goat cheese, apples, and a tureen of lamb stew.

Chapter 23:

Chapter 23 begins as Katniss and Peeta begin to enjoy a meal sent to them by Haymitch and their sponsors. Their conversation had been interrupted by the arrival of the package and now Peeta picks up where they left off: (Now pay attention this is my favorite part of the whole book and deserves to be quoted:) (P.S. It’s a sweet love scene). Peeta decides to go out, and check the sky for a death toll, and he comes back to report that Thresh is dead. Katniss is very upset over this. If anyone besides her and Peeta won, she wanted it to be Thresh.

“What was that you were saying just before the food arrived?” says Peeta. “Something about me… no competition… best thing that ever happened to you…” Katniss responds, “I don’t remember that last part.” Peeta says, “Oh, that’s right. That’s what I was thinking. Scoot over, I’m freezing.” AWWWWWWWW:D

As they continue to chat in the cave, they realize for the first time how Haymitch managed to win the games. He outsmarted the others! Peeta and Katniss’s time in the cave is a major bonding moment for them as well. They share old stories and discuss their friendship. After the bad weather ends, which was confining them to the cave, they resume hunting for Cato once again. The only problem is that Peeta is a heavy walker and makes a lot of noise as they travel through the forest. This makes it hard for Katniss to hunt for food so they decide to hunt and gather seperately.

After she spends some time hunting Katniss sends a message (a bird whistle) to Peeta which recieves no response. In a moment of panic she runs back to find Peeta gathering berries and almost shoots him with an arrow by accident. In her furry she yells at Peeta for not responding to the signal and for eating some of their food. Just as Peeta denies stealing the food a gong rings and a hovercraft takes foxface’s body. Peeta panics because thinks Cato is near but Katniss realizes the berries he collected are nightlock(deadly) and tells him foxface is his own kill. End of Chapter 23.

3 Tributes left.

Peeta's walk makes birds take flight

Chapter 24:

Chapter 24 begins as Katniss explains to Peeta how he killed Foxface. Peeta then goes to throw away the berries but Katniss decides to save a few in case they can be used to fool Cato as well. Afterwards they cook their meal and begin to discuss where to make camp. Katniss wants to climb a tree, but Peeta wants to return to the cave. Katniss knows this is a bad idea because it will take hours of walking and they will only have to leave in the morning to return to the woods to hunt. Peeta argues, however, that he will be unable to climb a tree with his hurt leg. Katniss gives in because he would do the same for her. They next morning they decide to pack up and head out because today is the day the Gamemakers will make sure they face Cato, but they don’t know how it will be done. As Katniss and Peeta leave the cave they notice all of the water in the streams is gone. It is apparant at this moment that the Gamemakers want them to face Cato at the lake in the center of the arena where there are no trees for protection. So with courage and determination they head straight for the lake.

At the lake they restock with water and wait.When Cato rushes through the trees they pose to fight, but when Katniss shoots him the arrow is deflected by some sort of armor. Next, Cato runs straight past them as they realize he is running FROM something. At that moment in time Katniss sees the creatures and has no other reaction but to save herself.

Chapter 25:

Chapter 25 begins and the creatures are called Muttations. They resemble huge wolves, but have humanlike qualities. They are able to stand easily on just their hind  legs and wave as though they have wrists. As Katniss runs towards the Cornucopia after Cato she remembers Peeta. He is behind her about 15 yards because of his hurt leg. Katniss climbs the cornucopia and kills some of the mutts as Peeta makes his way to safety. At the top of the Cornucopia Cato is overtaken with cramps but asks if the mutts can climb. Katniss and Peeta watch as the mutts assemble and then one takes a running start and jumps onto the Cornucopia. It is unable to hold on and quickly slides off, but Katniss shoots it when she realizes the mutts resemble the other tributes. She explains to Peeta how the eyes, hair, and size all match one of the tributes. The collars also have their District number on them. The next attempt is made by Thresh who pierces Peeta’s leg. Katniss pulls Peeta back to the top of the cornucopia away from the danger of the mutts but Cato then graps Peeta in a headlock. In a sense of emergency Katniss weighs her options. She can shoot Cato in the head but Peeta will fall to the mutts with him, or she can wait but Peeta will die of asphyxiation. In a last attempt Peeta draws an X in blood on Cato’s hand. Katniss catches the signal and immedialetly shoots Cato’s hand. As Cato releases Peeta and stumbles backwards Peeta gives him a last shove which causes him to fall over the edge. Katniss is able to grab Peeta and they both wait to hear a cannon fire which signals the end of the competition.

When the cannon fire fails to come Peeta and Katniss realize they must kill Cato because of his armor. The mutts have turned him into a barely living mound of meat. As Katniss leans over the edge and shoots Cato it is more an act of kindness than of vengeance. The cannon fires immediatley after but there is no announcement of victory. Katniss and Peeta decide to walk to the lake so that the hovercraft can take Cato’s body. Katniss helps Peeta to the lake because by now Peeta has lost a lot of blood from his wound. When they arrive at the lake the body is taken, but instead of an announcement of victory the the speaker (Claudius Templesmith) announces the revoking of the previou provision which  means there can only be ONE victor. In a moment of sadness Katniss and Peeta argue over what to do. Peeta says, “We both know they have to have a victor”, which gives Katniss an idea. She empties a handful of nightlock berries to Peeta and herself.

Important image: They stand back to back, empty hands held together, holding the berries out in front of them.

On the count of three they go to eat the berries when Claudius Templesmith yells stop and announces the victors of the 74th Hunger Games Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark. THEY WON!

2 Tributes left 😀

"On the Count of three?" - Katniss


"Hold them out, I want everyone to see." - Peeta




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