"The Hunger Games" by Suzanne Collins
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Chapters 6-10

Chapter 6:

Chapter 6 begins as Katniss describes District 12’s floor of the training center. Each pair of tributes have a floor of the training center where their bedrooms and dining halls are located. Katniss describes the splendor of her quarters and the reader sees more of Eiffie Trinket’s flamboyant personality as she talks with Katniss about her success in promoting them for sponsors. Next comes dinner where the entire team consisting of Peeta, Katniss, Haymitch, Peeta, and Portia gather to talk of the days to come. During dinner Katniss says she recognizes one of the female avox’s (a traitor to the government of Panem that has been captured and forced to labor in the capital). It is dangerous for Katniss to reveal knowing a traitor of the government, but Peeta covers for her by pretending she resembles a girl from their school. At the end of the chapter Katniss tells Peeta in confidence how she knows the redheaded avox. She was a girl that Katniss saw running away while she was hunting with Gale in the woods. She and Gale were hidden, but the hovercraft caught her. Katniss regrets not trying to save the girl, but she also knows it wouldn’t have helped.

Chapter 7:


Careers- tributes from district 1,2, and 4 (wealthier districts) who are trained throughout their life for games.

Chapter 7 begins as Katniss describes her fearful dreams and thinks about life back home. At breakfast they focus of discussion is training. Peeta and Katniss decide to be trained together wrather than separate because they already know each others strengths and weaknesses. However there is a disagreement between them because each thinks the other is underestimating themselves. Peeta is mad because Katniss doesn’t understand how talented she is at using a bow or throwing a knife which could mean life or death in the arena, and Katniss is mad because Peeta doesn’t recognize his strength as an advantage. For the first time in this scene, Peeta reveals how much attention he has paid Katniss through observing her skills and knowing what an effect she has on the people of her town. This forshadows the possibility of a relationship between Peeta and Katniss both personally and proffesionally (teamwork in the arena).

In training, all of the tributes come together for the first time (in simple clothing) and are able to size each other up. Katniss realizes majority of the tributes are much larger than she. Katniss and Peeta attend each training session together as instructed by Haymitch for the next three days of training. Katniss notices how Peeta excels at camouflaging and hand to hand combat, and she excels at the edible plants test. However, they avoid their strengths of weightliftng and archery until their private sessions. In front of the other tributes they act like friends even though they are yet to acknowledge a true friendship. This is because they both know only one of them can survive.

Private sessions begin. As Katniss walks into her session as the last tribute to be viewed she realizes majority of the Gamemakers have lost interest. Katnis picks up the bow and arrow and begins shooting with excellent accuracy. However, she is being largely ignored by the Gamemakers who are distracted by the roasted pig they have just been served. In a moment of fury Katniss sends an arrow straight into the Gamemakers booth and skewers the apple in the pig’s mouth. Then, with a sarcastic bow and thanks she storms out of the room without being dismissed. End of Chapter 7.

Chapter 8:

Chapter 8 begins as Katniss runs to her room after her private session completely overwhelmed by tears. She enters her room, door locked, and refuses to answer any of the knocks from Haymitch or Effie. This is the first time Katniss has allowed herself to be overcome by her emotions and reduced to tears. She cannot believe what she has done, and due to the power of the capital she is certain she will be punished for such disrespect. At dinner Katniss leaves her room because the scores of the sessions will be televised and she knows she has to tell the others what happened. The bond between the group (Haymitch, Peeta, Effie, Cinna, etc.) is still growing at this point, and after Katniss says what happened she realizes that their responses actually cheer her up. She recieves understanding from Peeta because he felt the same way, Haymitch assures her she can’t be arrested (she’s a tribute) and they won’t hurt her family, and Effie thinks they got what they deserved because all tributes deserve their attention.

Announcement of the scores comes next. Peeta receives an 8 which is a great accomplishement given the fact careers usually score in the 8-10 range. Then, by complete surprise, Katniss scores an 11! She has received the highest score of all of the tributes. That night Katniss goes to sleep thinking of Gale and how they first met in the woods.She first met Gale in the woods while she was hunting and he was trapping. Their friendship developed as they taught each other their skills. This foreshadows an ongoing internal conflict for Katniss. Katniss compares her feelings for Gale with her “pretend” feelings for Peeta. She says, “I call him my friend, but in the last year it’s seemed too casual a word for what Gale is to me” (Collins 112). Chapter 8 ends as Haymitch tells Katniss that for interview training Peeta has decided to be coached separately.

Chapter 9:


Caesar Flickerman- host of the interviews for more than 40 years; odd appearance; always kind to tributes- makes any answer seem like a good one.

Chapter 9 begins as Katniss feels a sense of betrayel from Peeta. She is beginning to acknowledge the trust they were developing, but know is certain whatever chance they had of being friends has vanished. In interview training Effie trains Katniss to be a lady and teaches her to wear a long dress and heels. In the content training with Haymitch she is supposed to be given an approach or “look.” Unfortunatley Haymitch thinks she is incapable of seeming charming, witty, sexy, or even mysterious. So they end the training without success.

The next morning Cinna and Katniss’s stylists dress her for the Interview. Cinna designs a beautiful dress completely covered with gems in the design of engulfing flames. Cinna asks about the approach she and Haymitch developed and she responds with nothing. So Cinna tells her to pretend she’s talking to her best friend or even to him and just be honest. Katniss appreciates this idea.

Just before they take the stage Haymitch reminds Katniss and Peeta to hold hands because they are still a happy pair. On stage Katniss panics until it is her turn, her interview is a success. She appears happy until she talks of Prim where a sense of strength and determination enters her voice. Next comes Peeta’s interview which takes Katniss by complete surpise. Caesar asks Peeta if he has a girlfriend and he responds by saying there is a girl that he likes. The only problem, however, is that it is Katniss! End of Chapter 9 and Part 1 “The Tributes.”

Chapter 10- Part 11 “The Games”

Chapter 10 begins as Katniss realizes what has just happened. She is overcome by embarrassment and astonished that Peeta has just given the best interview of anyone with his declaration of love approach. She and Peeta are the only ones the crowd can talk about for the rest of the evening. After the event Katniss rushes back to their rooms and attacks Peeta. Katniss thinks his declaration was an attack to make her look weak, but as Haymitch explains it gave her the best approach there is, “desirable.” He also says that all anyone can talk about is “the star- crossed lovers from District 12.” Then Peeta gets angry because he is jealous of Gale who he thinks is Katniss’s boyfriend. At this point Katniss is completely torn, and she is clearly struggling with an internal conflict over Peeta and Gale. Finally, Katniss realizes her overreaction and apoligizes to Peeta.

That night Peeta and Katniss accidentaly meet on the roof, both unable to sleep. They begin to talk but end in an argument over what they care about. All Peeta wants to do is find a way he can prove he is not just an object for their entertainment, but Katniss doesn’t understand why because she knows they are only objects in the eyes of the capital.

The next morning they are taken to the arena. In the catacombs underneath Cinna prepares Katniss, each tribute wears the same outfit, but by surprise he gives her the mockingjay pin she left on her old clothes. She is thanks Cinna then they prepare for the games to begin. She steps on the plate, rises from darkness to the light of the arena, and hears the announcement to let the 74th Hunger Games begin! The end of Chapter 10.



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