"The Hunger Games" by Suzanne Collins
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“Katniss, the girl who was on fire.”


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  1. Peeta or Gale?

    • PEETA!!!!! I think he is such a great guy. Even if he isn’t super strong and macho, he is a very caring guy. The interactions between Katniss and Peeta are pretty magical. The way he talks and just everything about him is incredible! 😀 Sure Gale is manly and a hunter and everything but I think Katniss shouldn’t be with him because their personalities clash. Gale is really great in this book because he knows everything about Katniss, but later on in the series I have become more drawn to Peeta. GOOOOO PEETAAAA!!!!!!!

  2. This is a ninjasinplaidskirts author. If I consider only the first book of the series (“The Hunger Games”) I would have to say Gale because Katniss seems to have a stronger bond with him. Yes, Katniss has strong feelings for Peeta throughout the book as she fights for his survival and relies on his friendship and support for her survival. But all of the events in which she reveals her true feelings or special moments in her life are simply instructions from Haymitch as part of their survival plan.
    As stated by Katniss, Gale is her confidant. He is the one who knows her true emotions, passions, and feelings. He is the one she knows she can trust. He is the one whose been in her life, and he is the one whose motives she never had to question.
    This can be seen throughout the story at the end of Chapter 8, after the interviews, and at the end of the book.

    Even though I think she should be with Gale, I think Peeta is a great character and even my favorite! Which reminds me, everyone should check out our “About” page and take our favorite character poll:D The results may take you by surprise!

  3. This is Jenna!! (Co-creator of this blog). I am completely in love with Peeta!! Forget Gale, Peeta is where it’s at: he is smart, charming, witty, and funny 😀 (sigh)…. I mean Gale is okay, and I know this sight is based on just the first book, but if you have read the third book, something has turned me off about him!! But back to the first book: Gale is barely in this book, but I can see why other people like him!


  4. Discussion Topic: What is your favorite quote from The Hunger Games?

  5. HI:D
    Ok so personally my favorite quote is, “You don’t forget the face of the person who was your last hope.”


    This quote is a major theme of the of the novel. Katniss says this when recalling the first time she meet the Redheaded avox girl. At the time this was true for the Redheaded girl, but now this is true for Katniss. She feels as though she owes Peeta for every act of kindness he has shown her including saving her life with the loaf of bread when she was young.

    Also, being in the arena means making constant life or death decisions. She cares for Rue at her death, and stares face to face with Thresh before he lets her go. She also acts as the last hope for Peeta when she finds him hiding in the mud.

  6. Hi everyone out there in the hunger games world!!!
    I just want to let everyone know that all I can think about is who they will cast for the movie!!! I almost got fired from my job because of my obsession! I made a new room in my house entirely dedicated to the hungergames. Even the walls are covered in home made wallpaper with the three covers combined!!!! At work, I secretly just keep reading blogs and such like this!

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