"The Hunger Games" by Suzanne Collins
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Chapters 11-15

Chapter 11:

Chapter 11 begins as all 24 tributes are standing on their platforms waiting for the games to begin after a 60 second countdown. Katniss looks around and takes in the scenery consisting of a large plain, a drop off, a lake, sparse piney woods. In the center between all of the tributes lie the supplies that each of them can fight to acquire. She knows Haymitch wants her to immediately run into the woods and put as much distance between herself and the others as possible, but she sees a silver bow and arrow lying in the center. She decides to ignore Haymitch and go for the bow. Before the start fires Katniss is distracted by Peeta and misses her quickstart for the bow. Instead, she she goes for a orange backpack full of supplies and fights with a boy from District 9 who is killed by a girl from District 2 with a knife. Katniss realizes the girl will kill her with the next knife so she takes off running for the woods.

The first night Katniss hides in a tree. The anthem and photos of the 11 tributes that died that day are projected in the sky. Katniss is relieved Peeta is still alive and soon falls asleep. However, she is awoken by someone who starts a fire only a few yards away from her. This person is considered a hazard for Katniss because everyone on the hunt now knows exactly where she is located. Even though her location in the tree is still a secret, Katniss is extremely nervous. Surely enough the careers arrive and kill the girl with the fire, but do not notice Katniss in the tree. However, to Katniss’s surprise she hears Peeta’s voice talking among them! End of Chapter 11.

Chapter 12:

Chapter 12 begins with Katniss’s reaction to discovering Peeta working with the Careers. She is still hidden in the tree and overhearing the careers’ converstation. They enter into a disagreement and Peeta walks back to make sure the girl is dead. While he is gone the careers talk about killing him but realize he could help them find Katniss. They are still wondering how she scored an eleven in training which is thanks to Haymitch for telling she and Peeta not to reveal their strengths to everyone. After the careers leave the scene Katniss leaves the tree and heads in the opposite direction looking for water which was the second instruction Haymitch gave them for the arena (1st being to put as much distance between themselves and the other tributes). It takes almost two days for Katniss to find water until the point where she reached complete exaustion. She sets up camp, restocks on food and water, and rests until she is awoken by fire approaching her on all sides! End of Chapter 12.

Chapter 13:

Katniss becomse alert, and starts thinking of ways to escape, realizing that there is no time to pack everythings. She starts running as a forest fire is occuring. She sees all sorts of forest animals going a certain way, so he follows them, but she is not able to keep up with them for long. The smoke from the fire is really starting to affect her so she covers her nose with her shirt.

As Katniss is running she realizes that this was not some accident by a tribute, this was made by the Game-makers to keep the game interesting because nothing exciting had been going on in the arena for in the past few days. Katniss knows that the fire is designed to bring all the tributes together.  Katniss stops under a stone covering, and she starts vomiting from the smoke of the fire.  Katniss leaves the cave, and is attacked by fire balls. The attacks finally start to cease, and Katniss collapses exhausted and in pain. Katniss’ leg catches on fire, and as she is putting it out she thinks of the now ironic phrase “Katniss, the girl who was on fire.”

The smoke is still too thick to climb a tree, so Katniss limps away to find cover. Katniss fines relief in a spring, and revels in the cool water. Katniss musters up the courage to look at her injury, and almost faints at the sight.  She eats and refills her water bottle, and climbs a tree to rest.

Katniss wakes up to the Career’s foot steps and starts running. She is able to make it up a tree in time before the Careers catch her and they are unable to climb up and get her because they weigh to much. Katniss makes polite conversation with the Careers. Cato from District 2 trys to climb the tree, but breaks the branch and falls. Glimmer from District 1 tries to scale the tree, but realizes that she is too heavy; she tries to shoot Katniss with a bow, but sucks at aiming.

The Careers decide to camp out by the tree that Katniss is in to wait for morning. The Chapter ends with Katniss identifiying Rue, and her pointing to something above Katniss’ head…….! Stay Tuned 🙂

Chapter 14:

Katniss looks above her head, and about 15 feet up, and sees a wasp nest. Katniss surmises that they are probably tracker jackets. These are killer wasps made by the Capital: they are larger than normal wasps,” solid gold body, and a sting that raises a lump the size of a plum on contact” (Collins 185). Multiple stings usually kill a person, and if you survive you suffer from hallucinations by the venom in the sting; these wasps are killers who will hunt you down if you were to disturb them.

Katniss comes up with a plan to drop the nest down on the Careers. But there are many stipulations to this plan, she would have to cut down the whole tree in order to bring the nest down, and would the cutting of the tree arouse the trakcer jackets? Katniss decides to saw the tree during the anthem, so she prepares and waits…

The Anthem of the Capital begins as the sky lights up, and Katniss starts furiously cutting. The music ends as the sky darkens, and Katniss is not finished sawing through the tree, so she waits till dawn. Katniss goes back to her original spot on the tree, and is suprised by a pot that is connected to a silver parachute.This is her first gift from a sponsor! She cautiously opens the lid and finds ointment that helps her burns on her hand and legs.

Dawn is approaching, and Katniss is up and alert. She eats a small meal then ans sees the Careers still sleeping. Before she starts sawing again, she alerts Rue of her plan as a warning to leave. Katniss starts cutting faster when she notices the tracker Jackets starting to wake up. She shoves the end of the branch far away from her and it crashes down to the ground, and the nest opens up. The furious tracker jackets come out for revenge. Katniss is stung a three times, but fortunately manages to escape. The Careers run in panic towards the lake, but Glimmer and a girl from District 4 do not make it our alive.

Katniss realizes that she can now obtain the bow from Glimmer since she is dead, and Katniss retrieves th bow from the once beautiful, but now disfigured girl. Two cannons fire for the two girls. She hears footsteps coming for her, and Peeta stumbles through the bushes, Katniss trys to shoot him with an arrow, but the hallucenations are just too much. Peeta orders her to run.

The chapter ends with Katniss having a horrid hallucenation about ants.

Chapter 15:

Katniss wakes up to find herself locked in a fetal position. She remembers Peeta saving her life before she had collapsed, and she starts to rethink her original thoughts about which side Peeta is on. She wonders what Gale thinks of this incident.

Katniss is happy to have the bow and arrows because this gives her a huge advantage. Katniss realizes how hydrated she is, and searches for water. She assessed her injuries: she has three stings, burns, and bruises. She finds a shallow stream. She washes up a bit, and by noon she built a fire and had a bird for dinner. While tending to the fire, she hears a twig snap, so he readys her bow and arrow. She realizes that it is just Rue, so she lowers her weapon. 

Rue and Katniss decide to form an alliance; Katniss gives Rue some food, and Rue in return tends to Katniss’ sting; sucking the poison out using a leaf. Rue reminds Katniss of Prim, and that makes Katniss want Rue as an ally even more.  Rue and Katniss both settle into a tree for the night; they talk for a little bit.

Katniss and Rue devise a plan to take out the Careers by taking out their food supplies. End of Chapter.

Ten Tributes left.



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